Jun 17, 2024

πŸ‘ΈπŸ†˜πŸ˜¬ (Kate didn't kill herself sending SOS) A perfect shining but very very different version of a 'Kate Middleton' aka Eliza DooLittle from the movie My Fair Lady? ~ June 17, 2024 ~ |

Kate Middleton...or, the making of a 'Triple-Goddess'? 'Mr. and Mrs. World Citizens, Distinguished Normies, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Lamestream Media, honored Spirit Guests; Catherine, Princess of Wales & King Charles III, will never come back (alive). Like Lady Di, Kate, has a favourable public image, so making her ‘Disappear’ would be a ‘Delicate Operation’ ~ SoTW 

With this video (below), presented by Lame Stream Media, at Trooping the Colour 2024, it's obvious and impossible, to doubt the 'Kate-gate' (not Kattegat - danish joke). As you can clearly see, Kate and her 'faked' children, is once again made by extremely advanced physical hologram tech or generated by AI.  

Buuutt, this time, The White Hats, wants us to notice the very obvious Matrix glitches (pixelated, blocky, jerky playback). And there's many glitches (look at all the commentary, pictures and videos).

Let me break this down for you; Now get this through you thick head. The 'original' Kate only lives in a 'dream world' - she's not coming back. Kate is not important. The cover-up is. For how long have they made people's pictures become Hologram, CGI or Deepfake AI-generated images? 

Kate was killed in a SRC-event on December 25 2023 (known as the “nativity” of the sun. This date is the birthday of Tammuz). Or Dec 27 (Feast of St John the Apostle) or Dec 28 (Childermass) or some other Satanic Ritual Event. Either way, Kate is not coming back. 

Some say, Kate has been taken by the White Hats, to spill the beans as a whistleblower, but looking back the history of the Monarchy of the United Kingdom, they are evil, as they come. Next in this drama, BBC told people to expect a major announcement from the Royal Family. Flags were seen at half-mast on UK government buildings, leading to speculation the death of King Charles was about to be announced (Russian media King Charles III was dead)... | 


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