Jun 3, 2024

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SoTW - Donald Trump and Alex Soros fight to the death

By Benjamin Fulford June 3, 2024

In what looks like a fight to the death over deck chairs on a sinking Titanic, Donald Trump and Alex Soros are now in a state of open warfare against each other. It is a good bet Soros, his Barack Obama house slave and their entire faction will lose the war. However, this will not stop the fact the US Corporation owes its’ people $200 trillion and the rest of the world $53.4 trillion and so will not be able to continue as is. Israel, meanwhile, is about to be taken over by Egypt and Turkey.

In any case, while the US public was distracted by this fight, the US military, the Russians, the British Empire and the Asian secret societies agreed at emergency Bilderberg plus US/Chinese military meetings last weekend to start a future planning organization. They also agreed the US Corporation will be replaced by the United States of North America.

Anyway, let us start with the US political theater because it shows US and Western political infighting is headed for some sort of climax. US Space Force sources are now telling us Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump is still at the Mt. Cheyenne military base. They claim he is the one who controls the US nuclear arsenal. This was proven by the fact that when so-called US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was hospitalized with cancer in January, nobody in the “Biden administration” knew about it. If “Biden” controlled the US nuclear arsenal this would have been impossible.

In any case, the Space Force sources say the real Trump is now running two different Trump avatars. One is located at Mar A Largo and is running the election campaign against the fake Joe Biden. The other is located in New York and participating in all the legal drama there (We would appreciate it if readers in New York and Florida could investigate these allegations). The source also claims Biden is also controlled by the white hats and is being told to deliberately act the way he does in order to help wake up more sheeple.

According to this source, allowing Trump to be convicted as a felon on what should be minor misdemeanors -while the people against him get away with torturing and murdering children- is part of a psyops to wake up the still sleeping part of the population.

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