Jun 4, 2024

😱🔮🥰 ('People are waking up, more protesting and fighting back.') A Global Prediction for 2024 - Crystal Ball and Tarot - With time stamps ~ June 4, 2024 ~ |


'World news scary crazy full of event but positive outcome for HUmanity. European Parliament is almost dissolved end of 2024 says Izabela. Warrior spirit will be awaken to fight back and keep sovereignty, self-determination.' ~ SoTW

Editors' Note
: (reblog) Izabela, will use crystal ball, tarot cards, tarot dice, oracle cards and hungarian gipsy fortune telling cards. Since it's a long lasting view on the entire world, there's lots of tarot readings and surprises in stock. 

Not surprisingly to SoTW, there's a vast tunnel / D.U.M.B. network in Greenland that goes all the way to Canada where nefarious things are taken place. White Hats did take Queen-Daisy out after the abdication acc. to my Higher Self. Something to do with Henrik Price Consort of Denmark, and his bestest-buddy billionaire Christian KjĂŚr and Jeffrey Epstein. Anywho, according to Izabela's tarot cards, every single country, huge changes are coming and even the fastest sheeple are waking up. 

And since, it cost money to join Tarot By Janine, I highly recommend, Izabela. Like Laura's View and Tarot, Too (also free of charge). Some people do not like her, some do. It's all up to what resonate with your inner belief-system...|

Izabela is doing a Global Prediction for 2024.

00:07:51 Europe 
00:29:09 Africa and the Middle East 
00:53:03 Russia and Asia 
01:19:41 Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean 
01:34:56 South America and the Caribbean 
01:58:07 North America 
02:25:23 Some last words/cards for the reading

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