May 19, 2024

πŸ‘‰πŸ€‘πŸ‘ˆ (Who is Who? ... Or Who is What?) 'Chiiina' Biden Sing-along... Who the HELL is Arthur Roberts? ~ May 19, 2024 ~ |


May 18, 2024 by Steve Beckow

Arthur Roberts, the leading man without his mask

Who’s what … errr, who?

Introducing President Roberts. Uhhhh… Arthur Roberts, the man behind the Joe Biden mask? (1)

As the story goes, he once leaned close to Boris Johnson and asked him, confidentially, if he’d ever seen – and named a movie he’d starred in – and Johnson, much miffed, replied, “Who am I speaking to?”


The white hats are now quite openly discussing “President Biden’s” real … err, unreal identity as the actor. That may be because the Supreme Court is expected to rule soon in the Brunson case, bringing the Biden administration down. (2)

Mr. Roberts, it appears, has had a long and active career, not necessarily as a leading man but as an actor, which is what he wanted, according to his bio:

“Arthur Roberts first fell in love with acting starring as Crichton in The Admirable Crichton at Fieldston, his New York City high school. The most beautiful girls in the class surrounding him after the curtain fell didn’t hurt either!!! While Dean’s List and on scholarship at Harvard, he found acting far more fun than studying pre-med – he thought, ‘if I can just get them to pay me to do this….’

“So off he went to learn his craft with the Harvard Summer Players with Faye Dunaway and Jane Alexander, and then Summer Stock all over the East Coast.” (3)

You can read more of his bio at

I don’t think you’ll hear many people clapping for his performance now, but a day will come, I think, when it’ll be seen that he played his part in a white-hat-directed movie designed to awaken the world and eliminate the deep state from Earth’s affairs. As such he (Arthur Roberts), in my opinion, very much served the Light.


(1) The Brunson Brothers challenged the Biden administration for a failure to take the Oath of Office and against Congress for failing to investigate 50 claims of election fraud, before the Supreme Court. The rumor is that SCOTUS has decided in favor of the brothers, a decision that could bring down the Biden administration as well as Congress.

(2) President Biden himself is said to have been executed in 2018 for treason and human rights abuses. Jim Carrey, James Woods, and Arthur Roberts are alleged to have replaced him.

There are many lists circulating alleging Biden’s death by execution. Here’s a screenshot of one:

A partial list of those believed named in over 71,000 federal indictments:


The charges against Joe Biden from another list:


(3) “Arthur Roberts Biography” at

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