May 30, 2024

🗣️🔥🥴 (Not the Nine O'Clock News) Youngtown Chase Bank branch explodes and kills 1 and injures 7... Fighter jet crash in Albuquerque prompts questions on F-35 program... Hundreds of Edinburgh's homeless has vanished before Trans-Taylor concert... ~ May 30, 2024 ~ |

Editor's Note: Israel expects Gaza war 7 more months (killing them all?)... Pakistan heat 122 fahrenheit waves (HAARP Used in Pakistan?.........Is it TRUE?). 'Hong Kong 47' trial convicts 14 democrats leaders ('Sitting in jail for everyone else')... British (deamon) King Charles III accepted award from Ukrainian Nazi (while funeral plans "Dusted Off" as source says his condition is "Not Good") ... Doomsday CEO who correctly predicted the retail apocalypse issues another stark warning about the U.S. economy: 'Ready to crack' ... | 

SoTW - Mother Theresa Connection – December 28, 2021

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