May 27, 2024

πŸ‘‘πŸ‘½πŸ“œ (Sumerian Texts, Annunaki Gods, HUman DNA & Nibiru) Scientists Discovered The Last Anunnaki King Inside Of A Tomb And They Are Scared ~ May 27, 2024 ~ |

Editor's Note: Yeeees sir! SoTW can confirm this theory that the Annunaki King was found in a tomb a "long time ago" and in a "hibernation mode" and alive (proof belowπŸ‘‡). Also confirmed by so-called  "The Ambassador" from the Dragon Family (and the council of Elders in China) in 2015 with amazing but now diseased Ron Van Dyke (aka Paradoxman316, Melbourne, Florida). SoTW has made his own 'version' story telling about the Annunaki's called "Hvem er Annunaki - Del 1/2 De selvbestaltede guder's indflydelse pΓ₯ globale samfundsorden og vores Bankkonsortium"... |  


Scientists Just Discovered The Last Anunnaki King Inside A Tomb And it’s Extremely Scary. Deep within the heart of the Amazon rainforest, a team of archaeologists has made a discovery that defies all known history and sends shivers down the spines of even the most seasoned scientists. Hidden beneath centuries of dense foliage and forgotten by time, lies a tomb unlike any other.

It is said to be the resting place of the last Anunnaki king, a figure shrouded in myth and legend. But this is no ordinary tomb, and the secrets it holds are so terrifying. Who were the Anunnaki? And why are those who uncovered this ancient secret now gripped by a sense of dread? Join us on this captivating adventure as we delve into scientists’s discovery of the last Anunnaki king inside a tomb and why they are scared.

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