May 20, 2024

😮 ~ 💗 (3D to 5D Consciousness Update) Biden Administration Exposed For Colluding With Big Tech, Aus Gov Mass Killing Bees, Abnormal Sun Ac ~ May 20, 2024 ~ |

Editor's note: A really good report (this time). It's not always but this needs to go viral... 
Nyla Nguyen see herself as a Twin Flame, an old soul and a Light Warrior here to assist the planet and its inhabitants in this ascension period. She helps to anchor the 5D energy, share her spiritual/metaphysical and Galactic knowledge for people going through their ascension journey. She's is an online personal trainer, fitness model/competitor, and an entrepreneur. Originally from Toronto. On SoME platforms, including telegram (highly recommended to follow her there) and membership site to spread the light. She covers current events and can be tough and shows no mercy to the DS or Kabal (as she calls them)...| 

Source (Nyla Nguyen) 

Damning report exposes Biden Administration violating 1st Amendment rights. Australian government exposed for mass killing bees. Animals and plants are afraid of the sun and turning away from it. White Hats have major counter attack plans to shame, embarrass and expose deep state players. Tune in for more coverage.

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