Apr 25, 2024

🩸🐎⬜ (Why the Royal fakery White & Black Horses in London!) SoTW; Apr 21, 2022 marks Queen 96th birthday. White Horse = Death. 2 = Dead 2 years ago (officially Sept 8, 2022) ~ Apr 25, 2024 ~ |

BBC - Four injured as runaway military horses..
A BLOOD STAINED WHITE HORSE = 251(April Twenty Fourth)

Editor's Notre: Feb 26, 2024 Lord Jacob Rothschild dies. The "Royal British Cavalry" parade brings a White Horse rider in Red without King and Queen. Fake 'King Charles Sausage Fingers' is the Colonel-in-Chief of the Household Calvary. Apr 24, 2024. Stabbing in a School in Wales. A Black and a Blood stained White horse running wild. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with no Horsemen (Headless Horseman). The Elizabeth Tower clock Big Ben also stopped working. Time is standing still as bloody hell is breakin’ loose in The Royal Stables... | 


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