Apr 26, 2024

🎱😊🀳 (I See Dead People) My Higher-Self Predictions On Apr 25 ~ Apr 26, 2024 ~ |


Trump not to return as president...  RV July... Biden disappears from office or public in August... Solar Flash (Sun Energy Influx) will increase threefold next 14 days... "Cabal False Flag Op" Black Swan cannot create a new 9/11 (only 50% damage)... H-S will not reveal who's behind Copenhagen's Old Stock Exchange Fire (same says Tarot by Izabela)... Nibiru (Planet X) Putin has the disclosure task sept. 2024 (same H-S message i got last time I asked)...

Editor's NoteSoTW revisited my friend and DK holistic ND yesterday for a spirituel health check and H-S dialogue; I got the same message over and over again asking about Trump for several years. 'The commander-in-chief' (who controls things behind the scene), Donald Trump, is the 'original' version and not using any body doubles. So Trump as we see and hear about is the 'original' Trump (YES). Will he come back as president again (NO). And I got the same message over and over again asking about who's gonna be next president of America for several years; A well-known and well-liked woman (political impartial) will be the next president in The New Republic of America (ruling council). So, according to my H-S present energy, Joe Biden, to resign office August 2024 (unless Cabal is messing with the timelines)... Detail report - on danish blog post later... |  
SoTW - ‘He is really very unwell’

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