Mar 1, 2024

🐻⚔️πŸ¦… (US + allies lying sack of sh*t) Clandestine on X: Ukraine is a CIA Proxy... RT: CIA has ‘many bases’ in Ukraine – FSB boss... HAL: British and French Troops ON THE GROUND in Ukraine... ~ Mar 1, 2024 ~ |

by Clandestine, February 26, 2024

In case you didn’t hear, the MSM are now admitting that Ukraine is a CIA proxy.

Meaning Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was NOT unprovoked, and that the US are the expansionists, overthrowing sovereign nations for geopolitical gain.

The US brought war to Putin’s doorstep.

Meaning that every single thing Western media told you about the war in Ukraine was based on a lie. All the analysis you heard from pompous MSM talking-heads was based on the presumption that Putin did this unprovoked, just because he is “literally Hitler.” None of it was true.

Turns out, Putin’s accusations of Western intelligence controlling Ukraine were correct, therefore, his attack is more than justified. Just imagine if Russia funded Nazi militias in Canada, started a civil war, overthrew the government, then installed their own puppet regime, and then put Russian intelligence bases and biolabs all over our northern border. Every American would be calling to flatten Canada and Russia.






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