Mar 21, 2024

πŸ€«πŸ”«πŸ‘½ (TARGETED FOR SPEAKING OUT) 'The Truth About UFOs is Hidden From the Public. There is something strange happening in the field of UFO / UAP research. In this video, i interview Ufologist Timothy Alberino on UFOs and some of the hidden things surrounding the subject.' ~ Mar 21, 2024 ~ |

The Pentagon Has Broken Its Silence on UFOs and Secret Alien Relations
SoTW - most of the evidence in the above picture has been censored
21 levels of Security Clearances above POTUS

Editor's Note: I totally agree with Timothy Alberino (and James Gilliland for that matter) the UFO-community has been compromised and silenced by dangerous alien greys (from the SSP Dark Fleet), CIA spooks and controlled opposition etc. etc.. SoTW have spend all my savings on spiritual and or UFO conferences all over the world, specially in US. I'm sure on SoTW that Full Disclosure will not happen tomorrow because of the control grid installed. The SSP has technology made in SPACE and traded with other E.T.'s for 80 years, that would eliminate everything (overnight) that the Cabal has created in 100s of years that has put HUmanity into the slavery system (IMHO)... | 

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