Mar 11, 2024

πŸ˜”❤️‍🩹 (Simon spoken like a true politician) Rose Rambles: March Madness Huge Intel ~ Mar 11, 2024 ~ |

New Simon Parkes: March Madness Huge Intel – March 11, 2024

'Simon spoken like a true politician: No EBS, Martial Law, RV, NESARA or Trump in sight.' ~ SoTW

Editor's Note: I would be extremely disappointed as a CC member and as a truther listening to this- buuutt I'm no longer a CC member, but have been from the very beginning of 2016. It doesn't matter to SoTW if Simon is right or wrong. As a spiritual organisation with 100.000 members WW, leading by a man (Simon/Becky) with 3 or 4 NDA's, I would demand or ask, some tough questions. Btw, my Higher-Self (H-S) told me to trust what Simon says with 30%. 

First 5-10 minutes in this video, Simon basically says, there's not gonna be any EBS, military intervention and Trump coming in early, for the kill. But a regular election with Biden in November of 2024 - 100% expected, says Simon. He continues - no positive thoughts about G/NESARA - only new political laws that will come with Trump after he wins to be announced in January of  2025. 

We must respect our politicians and The White Hats plays a dangerous game, says Simon. Denigrate "dinar chronicles" (can only be that reference) and other RV sites boosting RV/GCR which is not happening for now. There is no systematic bank crash but individual banks going bankrupt (solo). No Redemption Centers billionaires overnight. Last part he discuss CC and kinda put certain areas with CC members in place. Helping people is good, says Simons,  but need to follow CC rules. And lastly, he says, do not give up (yeah right thanks a lot)... | 

SIMON PARKES – Friday 8th March 2024 Update

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