Mar 20, 2024

πŸ›ΈπŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸŒŒ (IUFOC - T. L. Keller Lecture Slides - 2018 Archive) SoTW; Semper Supra Solar Warden armada and other Naval & USAF space fleet - I Want to Believe. This embedded copy is hard to find. Enjoy ~ Mar 20, 2024 ~ |

Ufo Congress Final by tim on Scribd

Editor's Note: One of the first lectures at IUFOC, called "Spacecraft Carriers," at the 2018 International UFO Congress. SoTW talked to Mr. Keller, who was a computer systems analyst at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. Unfortunnaly, 3 people died that attended same conference attended. I'm not kidding. One of SoTW US friends, Patrice, was very worried about me on SoTW. She later died in 2019 (R.I.P.). One of the deceased of Patrice's US compadres was her longtime friend, Craig R. Lang. That Alfred Webre said was killed because he's ongoing disclosure investigations etc. etc. ... | 

SoTW:  Link is not working anymore... Check out T. L. Keller info on my blog i got a PDF from him "Spacecraft Carriers –Extraterrestrial or Terrestrial?"
The universe is eternal, infinite and vibrant, a conscious cosmos: Search results for 2018 International UFO Congress died (
SoTW: Star Trek Enterprise first prototype for Solar Warden?? Picture was later deleted... 
404 Not Found | Super Soldier Talk

SoTW: REAL PIC???  - Secret Space Program - SSP - Solar Warden - Massive Air Ships For Evacuation Or Survival Purposes
 | Cosmogenesis - Library of Akbar Ra in Alexandria Thuban

L. Blaine Hammond (not so awaken) 

Dr Ken Johnston - MUFON Symposium 2017
(SoTW - "I got their autograph" and a good talk)

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