Mar 24, 2024

πŸ†•πŸ§˜✨ (Cobra RM Short Situation Update) 'In the few days around the coming penumbral Lunar eclipse on March 25th people need to put up as much protection as possible and refrain from reacting to negativity.' ~ Mar 24, 2024 ~ |

Editor's Note: I used to enjoy "We Love Mass Meditation" website and still do recommend them. I've travel to many countries in Cobra's name. Buuutt, let he just point out, that I AM no longer a part of the spirituel Cobra movement. I don't trust the leader with creedy money mindset and seen his anger up front and center. Had myself a girlfriend (fling) from romania I was very fond of. Didn't last long, after I left, she stayed (brainwashed), and now, she has also left Cobra, as well of the founding Core Group of 10 people. 

Before my dk-friend Gitte died and left me with a Cobra DK-meditation team, i kindly declined, that maked her upset. I have no contact to my x-girlfriend or any member, anymore (unfortunately). It feels like being expelled by Scientology and Jehovah's Witnesses. 

My H-S has stated you cannot entirely trust everything, due to a runagate Pleiadian E.T., that feeds the leader of Cobra with the wrong info (plus his own ego). That said, please always use your own spiritual discernment. This kind of esoteric material is hard to come by and to prove... |

Short Situation Update

African and Indian Illuminati underground networks, as well as the remnants of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC) both in the Solar system and below the surface of this planet have been completely removed.

Some of the battles before the final removal have spilled to the surface:

Because now most of the dark presence from the Solar system is gone, the Space Force is freaking out:

What is remaining now to be cleared beyond the surface Illuminati is an ancient Atlantean dark network that was partially established on this planet with the arrival of the dark Lords of Orion around 900,000 years ago and was completed 26,000 years ago when planet Earth became a quarantine.

This network was fully operational until the fall of Atlantis and then it became hidden, only occasionally manipulating the events on the surface. Now, with all other dark networks beyond the surface Illuminati removed, it became active again.

Most of intel about this network needs to remain classified for now, except for the fact that it has bases across the Solar system and also below the surface of this planet similarly to the previous networks just cleared.

We have now entered a very sensitive period and all intel about clearing of this network needs to remain classified for now and a period of radio silence must begin.

This network is now executing brutal attacks on the Lightworkers on the non physical planes and the Light forces are doing whatever possible to minimize the impact of those attacks.

In the few days around the coming penumbral Lunar eclipse on March 25th people need to put up as much protection as possible and refrain from reacting to negativity.

At the moment of the Lunar eclipse on March 25th, we will be having the booster meditation to help us reaching the critical mass of 30,000 people for our main Solar eclipse meditation on April 8th

English video for the booster meditation with all instructions in the text below the video is here:

Playlist of videos for the booster meditation in 10 languages is here:

Instructions with all resources for our main meditation on April 8th are here:

With the exact time for different time zones here:

With English promotional video with all instructions here:

And with playlist of promotional videos in 18 languages here:

Victory of the Light!

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