Jan 13, 2024

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By using this graphic, is someone suggesting the target would be an aircraft carrier?

Example of a Possible False Flag, to be Blamed on Russia

Jack Straw [Unconfirmed] "Military communications indicate that Russian, German, and Italian cables all contain information suggesting that NATO and the U.S. CIA are allegedly orchestrating a false flag event in either the Black Sea or the Mediterranean." 


January 11, 2024 by Steve Beckow

At some point, we may need to take account of the war that we’re in.

This may be that time.

We’re in what the military calls a “kinetic war.” An active war. Bullets are flying. People are dying.

And other people are trying to keep the contagion from spreading. Keeping the lid on the pot may sometimes look like inactivity, but it’s not. This is not the “Phony War” of 1939-40.

Please, if it’s not part of your mission to follow current events, skip this article. It’s intended for those lightworkers whose mission includes remaining aware of these events.


The Philippines shows us how this 21st-Century war is being fought.

I’ve read reports that the Philippines recently banned Smartmatic voting machines, which oversee multiple elections in the United States and have been used to throw them.

Also, the Philippines recently launched an investigation into the excessive 327,000 deaths of its citizens (as a result of vaccines).

As if by mere coincidence, they were then hit with a 7.6 Magnitude earthquake that potentially could cause a tsunami. (1)

Not an Act of God. More likely an act of the deep state’s weather-warfare weapons. This is 21st-Century cabal warfare.


If we, the public, don’t know how we’re being manipulated, then we may be swept up in the manufactured hype of the mainstream media and find ourselves in a war declared by corrupt leaders before we’ve reacted.

To help avoid that, I’d like to post a tweet by “Jack Straw” of a possible false-flag attack on an American ship, supposedly planned for the Black Sea or Mediterranean.

False flags are unreal events staged to provide a pretext for a military incursion. If we’re aware of this one before it happens, the operation, if it exists, may be cancelled.

Most wars that I’m aware of in the 20th-21st Centuries were preceded by these staged events. One could start with the Spanish-American War and work forward. (2) All warring cultures, all countries.

It’s our own governments who are killing their own people.

Someone seems to be suggesting in this tweet that the target might be an aircraft carrier. That’s a lot of people dying in a cold and callous plot.

Russia would not do such a thing. If anything, they’re co-leading the fight with white hats worldwide to subdue the deep state.

Remember if or when it happens, or an event like it, it’s a “false flag.”

The world’s military white hats are determined that “this time it will end.” What will end, when it does come out, will shock and undo many people.

We lightworkers, said to be the leaven in the loaf, will then have to be the safety net, without recrimination.


Military communications indicate that Russian, German, and Italian cables all contain information suggesting that NATO and the U.S. CIA are allegedly orchestrating a false flag event in either the Black Sea or the Mediterranean.

The purported plan involves sinking a U.S. naval ship, resulting in the intentional loss of American soldiers, with the intention of blaming Russia or Muslim nations for the attacks. The alleged objective of this false flag event is to trigger World War 3 and escalate into nuclear conflicts.

Currently, individuals identified as “White Hats” have reportedly activated media sources within the U.S., Europe, and Russia to bring attention to these planned deep-state false flag operations. Anticipated figures to cover the story include Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, and other influential media outlets in Russia, the EU, and various conservative news sources worldwide.

It is emphasized that the deep state is purportedly playing its final cards, aiming to manipulate U.S. elections, incite civil war, provoke World War 3, introduce another pandemic, stage an alien invasion, orchestrate cyber attacks leading to blackouts, and execute controlled EMP attacks, blaming the sun for massive power outages.

As the truth and exposure draw nearer, the information may seem increasingly surreal, especially to those who are uninformed or skeptical. The claim is made that the truth is so unbelievable that it discredits itself, and the CIA is purportedly aware of this.

The audience is encouraged to share this information regarding the alleged planned NATO-U.S. false flag operations to sink a U.S. ship and blame Russia. The assertion is that widespread dissemination of this information may deter the deep state from carrying out the false flag and lead to the abandonment of the operations. via Q) The Storm Rider

Difficult situation because, if we succeed in spreading awareness of this rumored event and its nature, then the event may not happen. Was it because of the exposure? Or did we make it all up?

Very tough situation.


(1) See https://rumble.com/v3z8onh-7.6-magnitude-earthquake-just-hit-off-the-coast-of-philippines.html

(2) Spanish-American War and “Remember the Maine!”; Japanese invasion of China after the Marco Polo Bridge “incident”; Hitler’s invasion of Poland; Vietnam War and the Gulf of Tonkin “incident”; “9/11” as a pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq.

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