Jan 23, 2024

⚔️๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ›ก️ (Black Swan Event Countdown to Conflict with Putin?) World Economic Forum Annual is over. Turkish parliament approves Sweden’s membership of Nazi-Nato and signs $1.2 billion ammo deal with US. Eirik Kristoffersen becomes latest military figure to warn Europe has 3 years to prepare for war with Russia. NATO has also launched the biggest drill since the Cold War, with 90,000 troops approaching Russia and Ukraine. A split second later, Lithuania, Poland planning to conduct exercises in Suwalki Gap in April. While KGB "Steklov" aka Jens Stoltenberg attends B-9 Summit in Poland, who joins G7 security pledge to Ukraine. And Federico X of Denmark will join in? What the HELL is going on? ~ Jan 23, 2024 ~ |

Countdown to conflict with Putin: Norway's defence chief becomes latest military figure to warn
Security guarantees for Ukraine: Poland joins G7 declaration
Musk on visiting Auschwitz: ‘It will take a few days to sink in’
Europe has three years to prepare for war with Russia
Lithuania, Poland Planning to Conduct Exercises in Suwalki Gap in April
NATO Secretary General attends B-9 Summit in Poland
NATO signs $1.2 billion ammo deal


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