May 17, 2023

πŸ’΅⚔️🧈 ('Col. MacGregor: damage to Ukrainians is unrecoverable and catastrophic / disastrous.') "Most of them are dead!"- Ukraine's army DECIMATED says Col. MacGregor | Redacted w Clayton Morris ~ May 17, 2023 ~ |

Col. MacGregor: 'Everyone in their right mind would STOP the war. Russia hits all NATO's "ammunition depot" and everything else, with high-precision strikes. Zelenskyy's MASTERS siting in Washington D.C., NY and London, oligarchs and financial gurus, want this war prosecuted, to the bitter end. This war is now a financial war. June of 2023, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, will be held with 81 nations to get out from the U.S. financial system and U.S. Holdings. To support Gold-backed systems, holding gold, from China, Russia, India, properly Saudi Arabia. I don't' know how much gold is under the streets of London or under the streets of Manhattan in New York city, anymore. Putin and his forces acting like a heavyweight champion only using his left-hand jab'... 

'Colonel Douglas MacGregor reveals the devastating truth about Ukraine's standing army, they've been obliterated. President Zelensky this weekend said there are long lines at Ukraine's recruitment centers but there is no evidence of that. Russia continues to decimate air defense across Ukraine ahead of a June offensive' 

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