May 21, 2023

🔞🛑🥺 (#2MillionFor2Million Child Sex Trafficking) "God's Children are NOT for Sale: "Sound of Freedom" Finally Released!" ~ May 21, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: this trailer is really hard to watch. You might wanna listen to Mark Attwood's "We See You." poem. Benjamin Fulford in his latest report said; "There are now 413,220 Grand Jury Sealed Indictments, with California & Texas in the lead. The average number of sealed indictments before Trump & 2016 is 1,500 cases per YEAR. Since each sealed indictment can contain multiple individuals, it looks like the one million or so Satanists in the US have been identified and will soon be sent to internment camps for re-education or punishment."... | 

JUST IN: Deutsche Bank Ordered To Pay $75M To Epstein Victims (


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