Dec 18, 2023

✈πŸ’₯🏒πŸ”₯ (9/11 Pre-crime without After-punishment) How come BBC and one of Clinton's best friends of Denmark knew about Twin Towers Fell before we did? Former Danish PM Poul Nyrup Rasmussen 1993–2001 knew the World Trade Center would collapse, before it actually happens!! Best and new evidence comes from Tyler Oliveira and the Truth will shock the World ~ Dec 18, 2023 ~ |

(Euphemism, Mannequin, Beauty Biden-Obama DNC Lover) Superhero Harley Helle Quinn and Poison Ivy and Birds of Prey. The Facebook-General who Decided the Fate of Donald Trump, the most Powerful President elect ever❓ (SoTW Archive) ~ |

Below - 9/11 - former general - no plane hit pentagon

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