Nov 17, 2023

✨๐Ÿ‘ถ✂️๐Ÿ‘ธ (I See TRANNIES Everywhere! It's Man's Man's World) From Tina Turner Transvestigation to Thousands upon Thousands of Celebs. From Adrenochrome, to SSP Smart Medical Youth Beds to Tracheal Shave and Advance Sex Reassignment Surgery Techniques. How Do they Do It? I don't Know, but join SoTW on another Red Pill journey ~ Nov 17, 2023 ~ |

FREE GUY: O-M-G!... THATS IMPOSSIBLE!... All men? was Janine 100% correct about Denmark-Daisy? ... I'm getting sick!... My head is spinning like a screw!... I recall, that Kent Dunn told us, that JFK (was) once female and XtremeRealityCheck, says, Lady Di (was) once male (trans)... Obama called Michelle for "Michael"(transgender) + President Reagan called Princess Diana, for "David" (Elton Johns boy-toy David Furnish)... Tina turner, was a BIG BAD WOLVERINE in this evil Cabal system and born a babyboy, as so many others, and had, a sex change. I'd already discovered that a long time ago. This will upset many, many 'normies' who will refuse it to their own death into next reincarnations as a man, woman or trans... | 
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Verdens fรธrste kรธnsskifteoperation |


Robin Williams "Betrayer Of Christ" Illuminati Agenda Exposed!! Nano-Nano As In Nanoparticles?? Mrs. Doubtfire Modeled After Peggy McMartin Of The Biggest Preschool Satanic Sex Scandal Trial Of All Time!! | Alternative | Before It's News (
The Swedish King in women's clothes is causing a stir -
The Secret of the Virgin King: Was Queen Elizabeth I really a man? | All About History (
Dronningen om opsigtsvรฆkkende billede: 'Jeg ligner min morfar' | BT Royale -
The mystery of the eternally youthful Queen of Sweden | The Guardian | 

Joan Rivers Calls President Obama Gay, Says First Lady Is ‘Tranny’ (Video) – The Hollywood Reporter
Join Me on Another Red Pill Journey – Enjoy the Show! (Must Watch) | New World Order | Before It's News (
Lili Elbe | Biography, Wife, Art, Surgeries, & Facts | Britannica

Benjamin Fulford Report: World Revolution Resumes After Holiday Pause – Era of Light
Epstein had Bill Clinton on his plane 5 times: fact. Also fact: Trump had the guy who gave Epstein the sweetheart deal in charge of the DoT: which oversees Human Trafficking : JoeRogan (
Jeffrey Epstein had bizarre portrait of ‘Bill Clinton in Hillary’s dress and heels in his New Yor


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