Nov 2, 2023

🙋‍♂️ꖦ✡️ (Don't shoot the messenger) What if Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild that joined a Secret Society called the Thule Society in 1919? SoTW thinks Zionism is an Ashkenazi thing. The Black Magic of Jewish Kabbalah esoteric teaching and The Khazar hypothesis of Ashkenazi ancestry ~ Nov 2, 2023 ~ |

It's not a SoTW meme and I not a flat-earther, either. 
Buuutt, Hitler, is NOT what you have been told he is. Same goes for  Winston Churchill etc.

FREE GUY: Remember when “ReAwaken America” (Truth) Tour with Scott McKay, aka “Patriot Streetfighter,” and Dr. Charlie Ward, was cancelled for Spreading Antisemitic Propaganda? Simon Parkes parted ways with Charlie Ward. Simon was frenzied and furious, as a Jew and told us, that Trump family, was also, Jewish? WHAAAT?!? Rumor has it, Simon lost 30K CC members + SoTW after that statement and more garbage-mouth from 'Simon says.'... Charlie Ward has repeatedly told his followers, that he is NOT spreading any antisemitic propaganda and has nothing against any Jews etc... |  

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