Nov 7, 2023

⚠️❗πŸ“’ ('D-Day as in Doomsday' for MEGA Banks & Brokers is underway?) The CRASH is here. Central Bank Gold Rush. BIS's CBDC-project 1st quarter of 2024. Lucky for The People, BRICS currency 'almost ready'. The Bankster-rats are pumping all markets. Looting & stealing is going hard. Col. Douglas MacGregor; there is about to be a “sudden” closure of all major banks in the U.S. which will last for up to 3 weeks. Cancellation of 2024 Presidential election ~ 7. November 2023 ~ |

$40,000,000,000 in Unrealized Losses Hits JPMorgan Chase As Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup Face Exposure to US Treasuries: Report - The Daily Hodl

(20) illuminatibot on X: "Blackrock gets half a trillion dollar deal to "rebuild" Ukraine. What a spontaneous & shocking coincidence." / X (

Chase down? Current problems and outages | Downdetector

FDIC: Failed Bank List
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Military Official Blows Whistle: ‘Big Banks About To Collapse – 2024 Election Will Be Cancelled’ - The People's Voice (

Central banks on record gold-buying binge – industry group — RT Business News
BIS releases details for widely anticipated Project mBridge ahead of MVP - CoinGeek

(1) Millions Οf Americans Ξ’ank Μoney Frozen, As More Μajor Ξ’anks Have "Glitches" And "DepΞΏsit Failures" - YouTube

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