Oct 25, 2023

✡️πŸ‘‘⚔️ ('WW3: Putin and Xi about to declare war on Israel AKA “CABAL” as they did in Ukraine.') That is kinda what Phil Godlewski said on his latest videocast called "Last! on Oct 24th, 2023. He claimed had 25 million views. Why he said "Italy knows" and "Earth is Flat" - I have nooo idea (BS?!?) ... [READ MORE] ~ Oct 25, 2023 ~|

FREE GUY: Anywho, Tarot by Janine did a (deep dive) on Phil updates on Putin is gonna declare war on state of Israel and Xi, will back him up. It's all true-true... And that is NOT on Israeli people but on the what Janine calls for 'Khazarian Mafia', Phil 'Cabal' and SoTW, 'Ashkenazi Kabbalah'... Benjamin Fulford also stated that, 'White hat special forces are now in Israel with shoot-to-kill orders against any person who goes against the rules of war and chivalry by attacking non-combatants'... Soooo for SoTW, that means, it's all connected... Actually Israel will not be last. I strongly believe that Denmark, one of the world's oldest monarchies with a history that stretches back to the Viking Age around the year 1000, will be the "last". The LadyBoss, Queen Daisy, supreme leader over Kingdom of Denmark as an unitary sovereign state. Margrethe II of Denmark is also listed as an V.I.P. of Committee of 300 (which is also called for The Olympians, as well as Hidden Hand)And, Danish former Kings, and all their affiliations to "heads of" DDFO + DDFL + Illuminati + Grand Lodge of Denmark of Ancient Free & Accepted Masonswhich works in accordance to the Scottish 33. degree system, is the ones that has the power, not the people and of course not, the government... | 
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