Oct 10, 2023

🙃🔄🥴 (SoTW Solar Sundry Crazy Catharsis Capricorn Retrograde Ring of Fire) And So Much More... You Have No Idea... The 'Authentic & Original' Bullshit Detective SoTW Is Reporting... ~ Oct 10, 2023 ~ |

Your Weekly Horoscope: October 9 to October 15, 2023 (yahoo.com)

Video: CNN team ducks from 'massive barrage of rockets' near Israel-Gaza border | CNN
Biden interviewed by special counsel about classified documents (nbcnews.com)
Is Joe Biden Dead, Replaced by 10 Different Deepfake Body Doubles? An Investigation (vice.com)

Hillary Clinton til Berlingske: »Vi nu har to krige i gang. Rusland og Iran er ondsindede parter i dem begge«
Who runs Snopes? CIA and that's the true-true...
No, Hillary Clinton Is Not Actually Dead, Nor Was She Cloned | Snopes.com

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Special Forces Unalive Obama Clone | Real Raw News

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