Oct 31, 2023

🙅‍♂️✡️🔀✨💝 (Must-watch esoteric school of higher learning) Nyla Nguyen: Acapulco Hurricane, Fbi Blackmailing Bidens, Update On Israel, Star Of David Exposed ~ Oct 31, 2023 ~ |

SoTW (presented in the video below - most of it)

FREE GUY: Manifesting from the heart(charka) is the key right?... N-O-W you are beginning to understand it all - don't you??? It take a lot of courage and guts in lightworking. I've done it for 20+ years. Most of the times, it means you become the Black sheep of the family and friends will leave you, now, more than ever... A true friend will never 'disavow' you in public to win brownie points from strangers. True friends don't grow on trees, either... If you're a Light Worker you're also a Light Warrior co-creating the world consciously, compassionately with full co-operation from Spirit. A lightworker is a term that refers to a person who has undergone a spiritual awakening and feels called to illuminate the dark places of life. A Light Warrior is a special kind of Light Worker that reports directly to Archangel Michael (that is my guardian angel) and seeking Christ Consciousness - from Dark to Light... |

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