Oct 28, 2023

🥰🙌✨ (Energy Updates) [Female] Meg Benedicte: Today's Lunar Eclipse Pulses with Divine Feminine... [Male] Melandanth: Big Eclipse Energies in Scorpio... ~ Oct 28, 2023 ~ |


I just returned home from a month traveling in France, immersing myself in the powerful Magdalene energies. It was a life-changing trip! When you step into power spots, sacred spaces pulsing with ancient consciousness, an unfolding happens. Buried deep within the recesses of our bioenergetics lie our own key codes, unlocking from dormant sleep, awakening, coming alive.

Over the past decades I’ve worked with thousands of clients, like myself, who carry within their Soul Blueprint the Magdalene lineage. It is their Soul calling to activate the divine feminine essence alive in their own energy field, and then spread into the planetary field. They awaken within the inner drive to become, demonstrate and teach the Way of Love, as Jesus and Mary Magdelene taught before us. It is their gift to the world! You may feel a similar calling!

Today’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus is ruled by Venus, the divine feminine, the essence of beauty, grace, and blessings. It is the final Eclipse on Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis for years to come. It is a North Node Lunar Eclipse of future direction, what you set into motion. It is a grand opportunity to initiate the Way of Love in everything you do!

The Patriarchal religions and rulers have diminished and disparaged the original teachings of Jesus and Magdalene, dominating the collective with an aggressive, violent righteousness in defense of a masculine god. It has caused immeasurable pain and suffering in the world. Under the bright Light of today’s Lunar Eclipse, we will gather together and infuse the field with Love. We are alive with the Divine Feminine, the keepers of the Magdalene lineage. Our time has come!

Lovingly, Meg



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