Sep 1, 2023

๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ’ฑ (Amazing report. A must-read. You have nooo idea) The ZetaTalk Newsletter: BRICS Bash. Moon Landings. Prigozhin Escape. Beijing Blowout. ~ Sept 1, 2023 ~ |

ZetaTalk Newsletter

The annual meeting of the BRICS founders took place in S Africa this year and was a celebration of sorts. More than 20 countries have asked to join the consortium, and six of them were accepted. No new BRICS currency has been issued, and trade between member countries will remain in their respective fiat. Primarily, they will not be trading amongst themselves with US dollars or Euros. BRICS is noted for being Gold backed and having low interest loans. The IMF is known for a colonial attitude and debt slavery.

Dmitry Trenin: The Founder Members of BRICS face a Historic Decision as they Attempt to Reshape the World Order
August 21, 2023
About 20 countries are reportedly seeking admission to the five-member organization and the list of countries that will be represented at the meeting in South Africa is three times as long. However, the question is would such an expansion make a much more diversified BRICS immediately stronger or not? Calls have been made for the group to create a common currency, to break the dollar's monopoly in world finance. A more practical way would be to improve the currently growing practice of using national currencies in trade between BRICS countries. Russia accepts the rupee for the oil it ships to India; Brazil trades in yuan with China; and so on.
BRICS to Focus on Curbing Dollar Reliance : South Africa
August 22, 2023
Members of the bloc have floated the idea of creating a common currency for intra-member trade. BRICS countries, which currently account for 40% of the world's population and almost a third of the global economy, are also expected to discuss the addition of new members to the group. The 15th BRICS summit is taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa between August 22 and 24. More than 20 countries have formally applied to join BRICS.
China says African Countries want Industrialisation over Infrastructure
August 22, 2023
African countries want China to shift its focus from building infrastructure on the continent to local industrialization. China will talk through its plans for African industrialisation with African leaders at a special roundtable on the sidelines of the Aug. 22-24 meeting of the BRICS bloc - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Investments by Chinese companies in Africa, especially from small and medium-sized companies, would increase.


ZetaTalk Insight 8/23/2014: What was Cayce referring to when in 1944 he described Russia as "the hope of the world". He clarified he was not referring to Communism, though this ideal does espouse the Service-to-Other philosophy, but rather "freedom". Cayce was referring to the rise and subsequent fall of the West, the grasp of capitalism and colonialism that have emerged from Europe and the US. Where it did reach out beyond its border to create satellite countries, Russia was not a colonial country, imposing imperial will on other countries.

This was a European endeavor, over the centuries, primarily a power and land grab from Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal. Britain today still has influence via the Commonwealth in Canada and Australia. Where the US broke free from European control, the European attitudes formed its base. Rich in resources and with a Wild West attitude, America swelled to become the world's premiere economy, with a peacetime military that surpassed all others in the world combined. Capitalism ruled, the IMF ruled, and the US was granted the right to choose the IMF director as an award.

The World Monetary Fund is an obvious extension of this Eurocentric ego. The IMF has an agenda of enslaving poor countries with debt, less interested in development than ownership, a form of financial colonialism. It is now obvious that the dollar's dominance in financial transactions has slipped, with the Russian ruble and China yuan increasingly replacing the dollar as the currency base. As many European countries border on bankruptcy and the US is certainly bankrupt with China as its largest creditor, the dominance of the West in world financial markets is due to crash. Enter the BRICS.

BRICS Announces Historic Admission of Six New Members
August 24, 2023
The BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - agreed at their annual summit to make Argentina, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates full members from January 1.

Moon Landings

Why did India's Chandrayaan-3 land successfully on the coveted S Pole of the Moon when just days before Russia's Luna25 had technical glitches? In the past a Russian probe was shot down as it was approaching the Mars moon Phobos. Israel's Beresheet had technical issues as they approached the Moon too. On the other hand China's Jade Rabbit was successful. Was some entity trying to prevent the Russians from gathering intel on the Moon's S Pole? The Zetas explain.

Russia's Luna-25 Space Craft "Ceased to Exist" after Colliding with the Moon
August 20, 2023
Luna-25 entered orbit around the Moon last week, and was meant to orbit for just five days before landing on August 21st, but over the weekend, Roscosmos said it was analyzing a technical glitch that occurred as it was preparing the craft to move to a pre-landing orbit. Now the organization says Luna-25 has been lost. Landing on the Moon is no mean feat, and efforts to do so are frequently met with failure and disappointment.
China's Jade Rabbit Lunar Rover Ends Mission After 31 Months
August 23, 2016
Only meant to operate for three months, China's little rover shattered the old record for longest time operating on the moon.
Why Is the Moon's South Pole So Important? It's All About Water
As NASA prepares to return to the Moon by 2024 as part of its Artemis program, the agency is focusing its efforts on exploring the Moon's polar regions. These are areas of the Moon which seem to have a lot of water mixed in with the regolith. Some of these craters are permanently in shadow, and might still have large quantities of water, that's accessible to human and robotic explorers. This is a critical resource, and the Moon might be just the place to help humanity as it pushes out to explore the rest of the Solar System.

India Makes Historic Moon Landing Amid Global Race to the Lunar South Pole
August 23, 2023
India made history as it became the first nation to successfully land a spacecraft near the moon's South Pole
India Moon Landing Live News: Chandrayaan-3 first to Land on South Pole
August 23, 2023
India successfully lands spacecraft near the moon's south pole, making it the first country to do so.
Indian PM Modi says mission's success belongs to all of humanity. Chandrayaan-3 - "Mooncraft" in Sanskrit - took off from a launchpad in Sriharikota in southern India on July 14. Scientists believe the south pole's unchartered territory could hold important reserves of frozen water and precious elements.
India becomes Fourth Country to Land on the Moon, First on the South Pole, with Chandrayaan-3 Spacecraft
August 23, 2023
The feat makes India the fourth country - after the then-Soviet Union, the U.S. and China - to land on the moon, and the first to land on one of the moon's lunar poles. Previously, Russia (then the Soviet Union), the U.S. and China landed spacecraft successfully on the moon.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/23/2023: Russia's Luna25 was ambitious, as all other Moon lander failures have been to establish a surveillance site on the Moon that could track migration of survivors and equipment on Earth after disasters. This was of course what Israel under Bibi wanted when he launched the failed Beresheet. The S Pole of the Moon is difficult to image as it is in shadow, so the amount of frozen water there cannot be assessed, but why was India allowed to land on the S Pole while Russia was in essence shot down?

It has long been rumored that the dark side of the Moon is inhabited by aliens, and this is true. These are visitors from the Service-to-Self, who are forced to reside in 3rd Density because they tend to be clumsy and kill themselves and their team mates during density switching to 4th Density. Since the Council of Worlds operates with the Element of Doubt rule so that humans are not overwhelmed with absolute proof that aliens are indeed visiting Earth, allowing man to image their cities on the Dark Side of the Moon or within the S Pole shadows is not allowed.

The Russia launch was going to succeed, so the Service-to-Self aliens scampered to other quarters, deep underground. They knew this would be followed by more efforts as the S Pole water was considered key to establishing a surveillance base on the Moon. But they had time to hide themselves well after exterminating Russia's Luna25. By allowing the India lander to succeed, they hoped that the water issue would be resolved. Yes the S Pole has water. But any future attempts to establish a base on the S Pole will be resisted.

Prigozhin Escape

Prigozhin is surely a hunted man, having foiled a takeover of Putin and Russia by confessing all to Putin. This was after a 6.2 billion bribe - money for the Ukraine that suddenly disappeared from the Pentagon budget. As a result, Prigozhin kept the bribe while he and Putin kept Russia. Ever since, he has reportedly been living in the shadows, and thus, per the Zetas, staged his death in Russia via a small plane crash. But will he ever truly be free?

Wagner Boss Yevgeniy Prigozhin believed to be on Crashed Russian Plane: Live Updates
August 23, 2023
Yevgeniy Prigozhin, the Wagner mercenary group chief who led a short-lived mutiny against the Kremlin in June, was listed as a passenger on a plane that crashed in Russia. The crash killed all 10 people onboard, according to the agency. Russia's emergency services did not immediately confirm whether Prigozhin had been onboard and died.
Germany says "no Accident" Kremlin in Focus over Prigozhin Death
August 24, 2023
It is no accident that the world immediately looks at the Kremlin when a disgraced former confidant of Putin suddenly, literally falls from the sky two months after he attempted a mutiny.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 8/24.2023: Prigozhin's death was staged, as many suspect. A small plane under remote guidance, empty body bags carried away, and no living witnesses to be pestered by the media. This all occurred within Russian territory so a closed group was involved. Why did Prigozhin wish to "die"? He was a hunted man, as he absconded with the six billion bribe he received and remained alive to covertly direct his Wagner troops. His staged "death" is unlikely to fool those salivating for revenge.

Beijing Blowout

The steps expected in the march to the New Madrid Rupture have included the snapping of the hard rock hook under Turkey which prevented Africa from dropping during its roll to the East and South. This snap happened on December 13, 2022 and had an immediate effect on the SE Portion of N America.

The focus of what to track next then moved to China and the Triangle formed by Japan, Taiwan, and Beijing. These UFO displays occurred almost simultaneously in late October, 2022. China had been having hot Earth with melting roads. China was clearly being held back from lunging into the Pacific by the tongue of the Sunda Plate, which the Zetas predicted would snap off. A triad of UFO displays in the Triangle showed what was to be expected during this blowout at the Triangle.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/16/2022: During any shattering of plates in this region Japan could anticipate being slung from one side to the other, as depicted in the UFO display there. Nearby on the Eurasian Plate, China also has a platelet on the coastline and bordering the Okhotsk Platelet - the Amurian Platelet. The UFO display in Beijing is showing an explosion, which any shattering of the Eurasian Plate there would include. These would be major earthquakes. Further south along the China coastline and just across the water from Taiwan lies the Yangtze Plate. The UFO display for Taiwan shows a bulge surrounded by swirling UFO's, indicating that Taiwan could expect a counterclockwise motion during these changes.

The pressure in the N Pacific was important because as the squeeze dropped down in the Pacific it put pressure on the nob of S America. The nob was then pushed backwards into the Atlantic, what the Zetas called a waggle. This allowed the toe of the SE Portion to slide over the bulge of the Caribbean Plate, and thus would allow the New Madrid Rupture to proceed. This caused a heat dome along the Fault Line up the Mississippi River. The compressing N Pacific also set Maui ablaze, due to the Pacific subplates overlapping.

Among the signs to watch for, there were Crop Circle warnings - the 5 Days and the Daisy Chain designs. So we are watching for a big blowout at the Triangle to result in a European tsunami within 5 days, but in the meantime there would be lots of practice runs. Of course, there would be no date hints because the Council of worlds is in charge and they change their minds frequently. They also forbid the Zetas from predicting dates.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 7/8/2023: This design is in reference to the 5 Spikes design laid on June 26, which included a Severe Wobble warning and a clue that as a result of this wobble it would take 5 Days for the sequence of events to move from the China blowout into the Pacific to the Finale European tsunami. This matter of when the Finale will be enforced by the Council of Worlds with a Severe Wobble has not yet been decided by the Council, and thus there could be many practice runs. The sequence of events that was started on July 4 has set the stage, but like a ring of daisies one practice run can merge into the next, going round and round, until the Council is ready.

So when we arrived at August 23 we had an intriguing day when big quakes were in the Bejing region, hot Earth from SO2 methane release and burning underground on the CO maps, and trauma within the Triangle too! But the 3 Gorges Dam is holding, and it appears the big China blowout has not yet happened.

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