Aug 5, 2023

πŸ•·️πŸ•Έ️🚸 ('Only 2 etheric spider families remains who's responsible for taken all children not the reptilians in London underground / Swiss mountains.') Channeled Message to EARTH - The Missing, Spider Bloodline Families, Elon Musk, Earths Future!! ~ Aug 5, 2023 ~ |

'Missing innocence (children) taken off world has now stopped. It took dramatic upticks in avancements when a colony of arachnid (spider) consciousness from Orion reptilian contaminants was set free on Earth's year 1858, as an ill-fated and calculated experiment. Since then, some of the highest factions of masonry and above are linked to this spider consciousness and arachnid groups. Since this issue began and has evolved into the LARGEST SECRET ABUSE e-v-e-r, in your modern times.'
~ Alexander Quinn - Starseed

Free guy; Please use your own spirituel discernment and do not get upset at SoTW just trying to get some facts straight from my point of view!...  Make a note on that there's unconfirmed rumors about the Military Alliance is continuing to blow Switzerland up - massive DUMB actions! Over 15 “earthquakes” that are under 10km deep in the last 48 hours alone. Remember what Benjamin Fulford said about Switzerland? In 2020, a massive offensive aimed at finishing off the Swiss-based Octagon group and putting an end to their Nazi fourth Reich has begun.... Sooo, what I understand and have been taught in C.O.B.R.A. R.M. SCHOOL, spider Queens and spider Kings and their minions (HUmans) are very, very powerful etheric and physical beings, not from this world. Some can measuring up to 10 meters / yards in diameter. They all live in spider nests in Chimera underground bases (and natural tunnel systems around the world connected to and D.U.M.B.s.) Cobra says, they form a spider web, a negative leyline construct which is the antithesis of the Flower Of Life leyline grid on the surface. etc. etc. Alexander Quinn through Mantis Aliens (like Simon Parkes admitted that he has a child with one of the alien species) says, those spider beings are the ones who are taken our children and kinda draining them for chemicals (sounds more like a Adrenochrome setup taken children's lifeforce or immortality serum harvested by fear?). Elana Danaan, who I believe, tries to climb over Corey Goode and become the next SSP superstar and for what I understand from C.O.B.R.A. R.M. is, that the Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces have managed to erase the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC).  Dr Greer ('Good' and not 'Bad' ETs), was and perhaps, still is, compromised and part of Clinton / Podesta / Rockefellers UFO Initiative (cannot be trusted). Corey Goode, has later backtracked all the recent statements about SSP and says, there's still dangerous Aliens out there... | 

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