Aug 1, 2023

🔴🃏🔮 (LIVE - 'Fear is Consent.') Beyond Ravens with JANINE ~ Aug 1, 2023 ~ |

Free Guy: TBJ also discuss Martin Brodel & Sarge. Two of her favourite truthers on a show together! SoTW honestly don't know Martin & Sarge and will not comment why they should have the true-true and intel behind the scene (WH) over everyone else and align with Janine's tarot cards! I do not worship any guru, truther or digital soldier. I trust my higher self, inner voice or gut reaction / gut feeling. If you feel so guided, please help (SoTW) for a change with some donations. Why I don't show my face on video podcasts on social media platforms or have any pictures, is to protect myself. I do not speak kindly about the freemasons, who for now, are still very powerful, in my country. Thanks.. |  

Military Arrests Former IRS Director Charles Rettig (

charles rettig arrested - Google Search

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