Aug 26, 2023

πŸ›ΈπŸ––πŸ’˜ (Hate, like, love and prefer; intro is great and so is Megan) Surrender to the Heart: Galactic Federation of Worlds August Q&A with Val Nek ~ Aug 26, 2023 ~|

FREE GUY:  I trust and like Megan and her knowledge by primary Galactic Federation source, Val Nek. Not sure about Elena, whos download voices comes from Commander Val "Valiant" Thor (Thorhan). I "kinda" left Dr. Salla's exopolitics updates because tarot card is telling us, he "is" or "was" (DS / Cabal). Alex Collier is okay, both Alex and Salla I'd meet IRL. Please, please don't get upset or discouraged about Dr. Salla & Elena Danaan has disconnected from Megan calling her a Black Hat operative or Janine are ditching Simon Parkes, Dr. Charlie Wards & Michelle Fielding. etc. etc. etc. It's their own choice. There's a lot of SPIRITUAL EGO in the truth community... | 

August Q&A with High Commander Val Nek and his supervisor of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, Topics Include: Trump Arrests, Maui Space Force Base, Galactic Federation Technology Manufacturing, Space Force 75th Unit, The Future of X, Alien Implants, Ancient Gods in Antarctica, India Moon Landing, Tukungsta UFO Crash.'

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