Jul 2, 2023

๐Ÿ•‰️๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿค” ('Convergence point of many cycles. Ascension window. The Great Solar Flash. Lightworkers leaving Earth. Erase darkness from this universe 2025?.') Sisterhood of the Rose Interview with Cobra: Portal of Light Activation Part 2 ~ July 2, 2023 ~ |

Free Guy continued:  I'm sorry guys! I do not want to be rude! I can't explain why my H-S puts out negativity bias about the leader of Cobra RM. I can only say, that I have first-hand knowledge and been around the top core group, since 2016. But please! If your own intuition tells you otherwise or trigger you in a bad way, please disregard my message. To put it simply; I do not trust entirely on every intel drop and the esoterically teaching from the so-called spiritual organization C.O.B.R.A. R.M. and their leader, a Pleiadian contactee. Because, my H-S told me, that, the 'Pleiadian' who is suppose to be his  'supervisor' to leader of COBRA, is not to be trusted. But that doesn't mean that I should totally reject it, just taking in, what resonate with my inner belief system and leave the reset behind. I do not have any NDA's signed, expect the ones, Cobra RM, asked me to sign, before, all of his conferences. There's a reason I left this so-called 'spiritual organization' in 2018 after Brazil conference and the earnings was 150.000 Euro for 2 days and nobody knows, where these money went to. Same goes for his latest Paris conference. 2 years later, my Romanian ex-girlfriend, the next-in-line Earths High Priestess (after Isis Astara), left Cobra. And the leader of Cobra's name is still a secret, where he lives and everything about him. Apparently in 2023 he still have to redact or mask his voice. I was to lead the DK version of the SoTR event, travel all over the world in his name, and was initialized in everything and took classes. In other words, I deep involvedly into one of the core groups of Cobra. This Core group is gone, has left him, for good. I reckon that I have or still is, involved into 3 major international spiritual organizations for Planetary Liberation. The biggest is Dr. Charlie Ward group. Then Simon Parkes group and lastly, C.O.B.R.A. R.M... |


 ๐Ÿ™‹ 4. C.O.B.R.A. R.M.   We asked a lot of questions and below is the end result;

P.S. - Rumor in the very top hierarchy including my ex-girlfriend on SoTW told me that the leader (cobra-resistance.github.io) of this huge spiritual organization was inspired, seduced and controlled by an American spouse called the "Dark Queen." who killed the former spouse called Isis Astara which SoTW has meet in 2015 etc.

- Are there any present and living humans on Earth who controls leader of Cobra2012? NO! 

- Does the so-called named "Dark Witch" controls Cobra? NO! 

- Is Cobra himself from The Pleiadians? NO! 

- Has the Pleiadeans used him as a "spokesman" as he claims? NO! 

- These informations Cobra receives does it derives from Pleiadians, that have a distinctive “Nordic,” or Scandinavian appearance, living on “Seven Sisters,” the Pleiades, a group of stars in the Taurus constellation? NO! 

- Is Cobra in accordance with The Pleiadians? NO!      

- Does he misinform the public? YES! 

- Does it benefit Humanity? NO! 

- Is it truth information? NO! 

- Bad information? YES!   

- Is Cobra controlled and misinformed by an Pleiadian being - an outsider or that “has been washed out” from the Pleiadian community or bad influenced somehow? YES!

There you have it... On a personally note - Cobra is influenced by a bad "Pleiadean" E.T. being who feed him with wrong information or do not benefit Humanity on Earth. And as you know, Cobra, is ego-driven millionaire collecting money fee for humanitarian projects, that do not exist and nobody knows where the money goes to and everyone in the organizations, works for free...

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