Jul 29, 2023

πŸŒ—πŸ₯₯πŸ›°️ (NA: "These babies were huge, sir!." Alex Collier 188th *LIVE* Webinar: "As a child I always knew the Moon was a Base.") Universe Inside You: The Hidden Truth About The Moon - Something Is Wrong! ~ July 29, 2023 ~ |

Mission Control calling Apollo 11. Apollo 11: These babies were huge, sir!.... Enormous!... Oh God! You wouldn’t believe it!....I’m telling you there are other space-craft out there…lined up on the far side of the crater edge!...They’re on the Moon watching us!

Free Guy: ONE of the best video's right now, because she got the full monty at the topic in hand. She brings so much more to the table that spins around the Moon. I have followed her for a looong time, not everything is in my interest, but she is highly evolved with spiritual intelligence... P.S.: Listen to what SoTW's higher self told my Day Consciousness in regards to the Moon (use translator)... | 

The universe is eternal, infinite and vibrant, a conscious cosmos: πŸ’ŒπŸ₯°πŸ€³ (Simon Smooth-tongued. Jim Caviezel movie gonna be blocked. Hollow Moon. Joe-the-Moe out 6th of July. Anunnaki Lulu-Amelu. And Mette knows...) ~ 1. Juli 2023 ~ | (verdensalt.dk) 

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