Jul 13, 2023

🎭🍿👤 (Joe-the-Moe Biden: I'm a one-way masker) Best pic so far from Nazi-NATO rally in Vilnius? Fact Check: How come Biden’s eyes was once Blue now Black? What's going on with Biden's ear? Why is Britain's King Charles III's swollen 'sausage fingers' now normal? CIA have made Hyper Realistic Silicone Masks since 1970. Much more Sophisticated or Advanced what you can buy in a Store. On top of that Layers upon Layers of CGI and Deepfake VFX to make it look real. And of course there's Clones, Doppelgängers, Doubles, Replicas, Copies, or Imitations of an original HUman ~ July 13, 2023 ~ |

Trump Supporter Says Joe Biden Isn't Alive, Jim Carrey is Playing Him (newsweek.com)

Wayback Machine (archive.org)
Reuters Pictures - SENATE/
Reuters Pictures - MIDEAST
Joe Biden, official photo portrait 2 - Joe Biden - Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden “a perdu la tête” : cette séquence avec Charles III qui provoque le malaise - Gala
prince charles sausages - Google Search

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