Jul 28, 2023

😇 ~ 💗 ('Celebrate New Creation home for new star children always lived in Divine Knowing.') A message from Ailia Mira: New Octave, Star Children + the Invincibility of the Shift ~ July 28, 2023 ~ |

Divine Ones,

The light within you grows and grows and as it does so, you are lifting into a new plane of expression and experience. Your inner light is resonant with higher planes of existence than in the past and this is transforming what it means to be human.

As you allow for this and allow your perceptions to open to new levels of existence you will feel and know Life in new ways. As you see Life with new eyes, recognizing the Divine in All, you make everything new

This is an entirely natural process and one which can feel quite graceful and effortless for you. You may need more rest, or time when you unplug more, in order to accomplish the many changes to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, but there is no pushing, or striving or trying to make it happen. You are receiving this lifting experience from within and because of your increasing resonance with higher light.

As you meditate. As you call upon and commune with your Divine Self, you are infusing your human energy system with more and more high frequency energy and light. And this is changing the mix of your energy. It is lifting the overall frequency of your field into a new octave of expression.

You often feel this when you are feeling very good and feeling very wide open and sense the immense freedom and joy available to you. But you’re not yet holding it steadily. That will change as your energy stabilizes and your attunement to higher light is complete.

Your Divine Self is working with you now to assist. Your own angels and guides are with you and surrounding you with light and infusing you with that which serves you and which can assist and support you in being who you truly are, here.

The inner light is leading the way. If you tune to that inner knowing... If you allow yourself to believe in you, to believe in your innate wisdom, the higher light of your own Oversoul and greater wholeness, then you can let those energies infuse you and transform your embodiment.

Human beings will no longer be born in 3rd dimensional frequencies. They will be born in the lower levels of the new Octave now and as the Earth expands further, the new children will likewise, land in new frequencies. The Earth is present in the New Creation and as your bodies (for those of you birthing new children now), are able to hold higher light, then your children — the new star children — are coming in, in the new octave. They will have never known separation. (Smile.)

And with this change, collective energies are being infused with pure positive higher light that is in Divine Knowing. This is the Christ Consciousness, the consciousness of knowing your Divine True Nature as real and natural…and as who you are.

The new star children are being born into that energy and with bodies that are present in higher light with the planet and which are expanding further and further into the new frequencies.

There is no stopping this transformation now, for the new children, the new star beings, being born now, are coming in Life on Earth on a new plane and their presence is infusing, and will tip the balance of collective consciousness.

From their small bodies, which in so many ways, need the assistance of parents and loved ones, to survive and grow, comes an emanating field of supreme and powerful Divine Light and Love.

Imagine that. Like before when Christ came to Earth, small children being born, into bodies that are different -- new and present in the new octave, the New Creation and they are lifting the whole world into the new creation. The come here now, in full knowing and with great love for all of you.

Celebrate these new babies! Celebrate the New Creation becoming a home for the new star children who will have always lived in Divine Knowing. Always known their Divine True Nature. They will awaken many and elevate all.

What good news this is!

How fun to behold.

We hope you feel and realize the invincibility of this shift into higher light and that this knowing, liberates you from needing to straddle the fence and feel doubt or fear about the reality of this promise being fulfilled.

Earth and Humanity’s Ascension into the higher light is real and happening now.

Let your heart lead the way and walk with joyful knowing into the new, now moments of infinite possibility, love, joy and expansive harmony and well-being.

You are free now, to live here as the real you, if you chose that.

If you align with that and let it flow in. Life on earth can now readily support your embodiment in this higher light expression of being and you can focus now, on expressing who you truly are, here. Knowing you are supported. Knowing all is well. Knowing you are eternal light made physical as LOVE.

We celebrate this wonderful time of change and this beautiful, vivid understanding of what is at hand. We celebrate YOU.

We are the Council of Radiant Light.

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