Jun 21, 2023

๐Ÿ‘ผ ~ ๐Ÿ’— ('We are witnessing a global expansion, a quickening, an awakening, as we adjust to the anti-clockwise phi spiral momentum accelerating in Gaia’s ascending frequencies.') Meg Benedicte: Just Hours Till Solstice Gateway Activations ~ June 21, 2023 ~ |



The intensity has been increasing all week as we move closer to the Solstice gateway peak moment tomorrow, June 21 at 14:58 UTC. The annual Solstice is a seasonal nodal point, a spinning of the Cosmic Wheel. Gaia shifts into a new season in the sign of Cancer, representing Divine Mother, maternal nurturing, compassion and leading with the heart. The swell of empathy and concern for others is increasing in the collective. The call for common decency and safety for all is getting louder!


Just as a symphony reaches a crescendo, your energy is rising in a vibrational upswell. As you surge higher, you experience an opening sensation of freedom, lightness, clarity and expansion! Human beings have the opportunity to evolve and expand beyond the limits of 3D (height, width, depth) left brain perspective of physical separation. Thinning 4D time density and weakening magnetic fields enhance human expansion into 5D interlocking wave-particle quantum phenomena. Human perception is Awakening to higher dimensional experience!

The cosmic infusion of Zep Tepi energies are unwinding centuries of lower-dimensional human encumberment. The lower, denser veils and distortions in the body, heart, mind dissolve and release, unleashing more of your deeper potential and creative spirit.


Now that the Zep Tepi galactic energies are swirling in the earth plane, there ensues an unwinding, an unfoldment of star seeded encodement buried deep in the human bioenergetics. It is a gentle, gradual, and profound chrysalis of the divine human emerging from the density of disconnection, isolation, trauma and suffering. As you shed your thick human skins of separation, your dormant Soul Light Body comes alive within you.


The subtle awakening of your own divinity held buried deep within can feel unusual, different, uncertain…evoking an awareness that something new is happening inside.  Ride the subtle wave, the emergence of your own crystalline nature. The unfettering of your human constraints may leave you feeling overwhelmed by your own magnificence. It will take a bit getting used to.


As the destructive patriarchy spits and sputters, the new harmonic consciousness spreads through the ethers. We are witnessing a global expansion, a quickening, an awakening, as we adjust to the anti-clockwise phi spiral momentum accelerating in Gaia’s ascending frequencies. All is picking up speed as we head into a series of stargate initiations starting tomorrow with the Solstice, the 777 gateway and 8:8 LionsGate.


The revealing source light is flushing out in the open the false light/artificial sun/AI technology that is not in alignment with Gaia’s harmonics. As we ascend into zero point, all discordant frequencies erode, cancelled by phase interference. What no longer harmonizes with universal Oneness will perish. We are approaching a tipping point in human consciousness, as we spiral higher and higher.

When we come together with a united, singular purpose and vision, we form a ‘group mind’, a unified field of powerful laser focus that penetrates quantum entanglement. While spinning in the Quantum Vortex, we have the ability to shape-shift potential future outcomes for Gaia and humanity with our visions and intentions. Our combined ‘Love pulse’ ripples into the planetary field and transmutes pain and suffering. We are here to uplift the consciousness into higher levels of unified compassion.


Lovingly, Meg


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