Jun 22, 2023

πŸ§ŠπŸ’‘πŸš’ (Titan's Awakening? Titanic Titan Sub Search BS?) Simon Parkes: "Red October...". Charlie Ward; "It should reminds us all about the billionaires there's on the Titan sub and RMS Titanic manifests and passenger lists in Brussel". SoTW; "Exact time Titanic sub will run out of air as frantic search approaches endgame = THE ENDGAME for US Petrodollar?" ~ June 22, 2023 ~ |


You remember the “search for Red October”.

And you remember the sinking of the Titanic (actually was sister ship, but never mind) 

The sinking of The Titanic ushered in the Federal ReserveSo here we are with the demise of the near worthless dollar which on mainstream news the Titanic is top coverage.


Free Guy: My very first blogpost was about all the Titanic lies on Verdensalt.dk in 2014... Now 25.439 thousands blogpost later and counting... After SP has finally reappeared into the 'game' again and posting on his blog. It got me thinking... What if... the ongoing Titanic Titan Sub Search + Banging sounds heard during Titan search + vessel is operated by video game controlleris all BS!? That the Titan search-and-rescue effort is something to do with the RV(GCR), G/NESARA, QFS + US Military + 10 days of Darkness? On Charlie Wards Insiders Club Video w/ Mahoney and Scott Mckay June 21, 2023, Charlie says; 'there's lot going on this and next weekend'... | 

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