Jun 15, 2023

(∩*ᗜ*)⊃━☆゚('I'm Melting! - The Wizard of Oz - Water with Love.') Social and MSM, Judicial system and UFO/UAP programs protect pedo industry ~ June 15, 2023 ~ |

Free Guy: Great video recommended to watch of today and it's free of charge. However, Michael Jaco says, he talks abt lot more truth behind his (expensive) paywall. Looks like Jaco had a tough time not sleeping for a week and his bald head with bloody veins in the skin... Anyways, like Jaco's roughness, Charlie Ward, has still problems with his voice and focus. I just watched Mark Z, Mahoney and Charlie Insiders Club June 14th 2023. They talked about the RV and the time is very close to end the shit-show. But Joe-the-Moe Biden has to go first....Does directed-energy weapon (DEW) exist and Jaco talks abt it? Oh yes it does. U.S. Navy and Lockheed Martin officially introduce directed energy weapons into warfare. I have been hit by DEW and/or demonic entities attacking me after the International UFO Congress, Las Vegas and once, after a C.O.B.R.A. R.M. conference in Budapest. And many truthers has been crippled or killed with DEW's. Cobra's spouse Isis Astara, which i have meet IRL.... Sheldan Nidle... I have unfortunately heard about many of our highly evolved spiritual human beings, hit by DEW's, MK Ultra and other nasty instruments of torture. Like, Dr. Kathryn E. May and her team (Who Needs Light?), Stew Webb hit by DEW, Tom Heneghan Poisoned. Alex Collier, Simon Parkes, Veronica Keen (Montague’s Messages)....Sinister force targeting multidimensionally interested journalists, filmmakers, and a 2016 US Presidential candidate with DEW directed energy weapons, causing blindness & paralysis

Social and MSM, Judicial system and UFO/UAP programs protect pedo industry. (rumble.com)

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