Jun 28, 2023

๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿ’Š๐Ÿ˜Ž ('Hunter Biden's laptop = Checkmate and endgame maneuvers.' ~ Wilcock) Mike Adams interviews David Wilcock-MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!! ~ June 28, 2023 ~ |

via Gfycat

Wilcock: '9/11 was done by 5 different technologies incl. demolitions and there was no concrete (cement) - WTC was dustified... Wilcock puts HUmanity into a metaphor abt The Matrix Neo vs Mr. Smith (Subway Fight) that realizes they could be dead before they hit the ground... The biggest danger is that the Cabal knows their "ammunition" has been removed (weaponized 5G, doomsday devices, etc)... I was briefed by Howard Hughes plans... Trump was able to use  “executive function” (telekinesis) on people he meet' energy, to make holes-in-one he's aced', something like that, says David Wilcock... 

Free Guy: This must be a old video... Take it down a notch, guys! Please. There's a lot things they go over and discuss of paranoia nature. Very disturbing like Mike's idea of a 5G kill-switch & David's No Time to Die presents James Bond's nanotechnology features DNA-targeting nanorobots, in REAL life. It's old news. Sorry Folks! You know me. I'm speaking my mind on SoTW and with all due respect, to these fine gentlemen. I still think Mike Adams is another version of a 'Alex Jones' character from InfoWars. You must understand something about Natural News website, among being amazing truthful about many things, it's also "gung ho", itchy-trigger-finger prepper and survivalists energy. And yes, I have "meet" David Wilcock *(in a conference) and most of the times, is amazing. However, No more solitude, no more $333, $555 or $777 dollar expenses courses or conferences. No more Looney Tunes crazy guy, living in the empty mountain after his wife left him, alone, outside L.A., with his blind dog, chased by killer-wild-moose and turkey hunt? (sorry David)... | 

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