Jun 29, 2023

πŸ”œ⛓️⚖️🐾🏹🐺(The Beginning of the End of Sleepy Respirator-Joe?) Something fishy is going on… This morning Central European Time (CET) on Fox News Hannity Hammered CCP Controlled Fake Joe-the-Moe and his Son - The Hunter - battling Drugs, Sex addiction and all of Bidens' Criminal Enterprises. Later on Fox, Breitbart and 9News, discussed Mark, Masks and Respirators. Everything gonna Explode in July? I will ask my H-S today. Rumor has it, that RV/QFS/G-NESARA cannot proceed before the Bidens are gone controlled by baddies; "China, Obamas and Clintons" (and of course the good "Earth Alliance.") David Wilcock talks about CONGRESS AUTHORIZATION ACT 2024. RFK, Jr. Asked If He Would Support Whoever Wins the Democrat Nomination; His Answer is Jaw-Dropping! ~ June 29, 2023 ~ |

hunter biden crack pot criminal at DuckDuckGo
sex addict and criminals hunter biden - Brave Search

Joe Biden Mask | Party Delights

Fact Check: Video of Joe Biden Wearing 'Mask' (newsweek.com)

Oldest President in American History Placed on Respiratory Device (breitbart.com)

White House explains mark on Joe Biden's face (9news.com.au)

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