May 30, 2023

🙏 ~ 💝 (You bet your sweet ass 'they' are here!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos ~ May 30, 2023 ~ |

'Free Guy': I'm stepping down and out of Simon and Becky's CC that has been on my daily routine, since 2015 as of this day and forward, until, the shit hits the fan and return of Charlie Ward for some clarifications. And why, the Trump team, is so obsessed by 'Israeli Jews'. Been upset abt his video all day long and I'm not triggered by Simon, just sick and tired of all the spinning out of control propaganda that doesn't serve, HUmanity. Aired on CC closed Mightily Network platform which has now been deleted due to 'technical issues' (yeah right). All the BS between who's Good and who's Bad. Who possesses the absolute truth. WhiteHats Vs. BlackHats. Truth community versa falsehood controlled opposition. Universal law Vs. Freemasonry laws. SBNR Vs. world religions. Down-to-earthness Vs. Spiritual Ego. Service-To-Others Vs. Service-to-Self. And every single truther are fighting each other like there's no tomorrow. Shame on you all. The Black Hats will win if we're not united as ONE, godless and divided. Drifting as lost souls without trusting our inner core values and belief system.. | 
Stanford Professor Is 100% Certain Extraterrestrial Intelligence Is Already On Earth - Ufo Secret

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