May 1, 2023

🥴👴🤣 (‘They say I’m ancient’ - no shit, Sherlock - Joe-the-Moe) Jim Crenshaw: FACE MASKS - BAD ACTORS - BODY DOUBLES ~ May 1, 2023 (SoTW; As you watch, please try to imagine what it would have felt like to be a child so excited to “see Joe Biden” and all you get is the oldest president in American history, dressed up like a million dollar trooper. A identity theft, played by several actors and a fake president in a silicone mask. Don't be fooled by appearances. Trump has several doppelgängers and/or body doubles, as well. Even the most powerful Monarchy in Europe - Queen Margrethe II of Denmark - has a secret sister or doppelgänger in Aarhus. A city in Denmark on the Jutland peninsula’s east coast and people who are living in these parts, understands, what I'm taking about. A lot of prominent figureheads in the world has clones and doubles. It's well know fact. From Julius Caesar to Barack Obama, Empress Wu to Genghis Khan. Do you really think, 'King' Charles, is or looks like the same Prince Charles, just a few years ago? "People" (Naysayes, Normies or Muggles) watching the Coronation will be invited to join a "chorus of millions" to swear allegiance to the King and his heirs, organisers say. Oh Re-he-he-heally. Just say no) ~ |

Ron Filipkowski on Twitter: "Little kid goes off the rails on his parents at the Trump rally today. Q - “What are you excited for?” Kid - “To see Joe Biden.”" / Twitter

‘They say I’m ancient’: Biden speech to White House media proves to be one for the ages | US politics | The Guardian

Lups, [Apr 29, 2023 at 06:39]
As if the blurred Presidential Seal doesn’t say enough (not just in this vid)… Read the bottom. Says it all. On TheDemocrat Twitter page.
50 U.S.C. 33, §1541, Executive Order 13912, 10 U.S.C. 12304, 12406, and Federal Continuity Directives amongst many other Laws and Orders via prove why he’s not President 🤷🏽‍♂️💯😎🇺🇸

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