May 4, 2023

👥👊🌟⛓️😃 (The Storm Is Upon Us) Duckkk. Somebody's Going Down Tonight. How Would The First Public Arrest Look Like? 'President' Trump AKA Barbecued Brutus, Puke-Putin, Creepy-Commie-Swagger Joe Biden, or King Charles AKA "Bloody Pom"? Rumor Has It - Assassination Attempts Against Donald Trump More Than Seventeen. Did You Know, The Stone Of Destiny Inside Edinburgh Castle Is False? (Mahoney & Charlie Ward). JUST IN - ECB Hikes Interest Rates To Highest Level Since 2008 ~ May 4, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: Lets face it! Lame Stream Media are saying Putin, has terminal cancer to Parkinson's and 100 of other things to win peoples mind. "Putin" is not the original version. The Putin we see is a clone or double and we know, clones deteriorate and have a short timespan. However, White Hats' plan of arresting the 'real' Trump, is over. So is the plan of an Alien Invasion, revival of a deadly virus, the GREAT RESET, nuclear war and Nato-Nazis Ukrainians, ever wining over Russian forces - NOT gonna happen. C'mon - common sense. THIS upcoming weekend could be devastating for Cabal. Queen-Lizzie, before execution in 2018, under WH order, made a plea bargain, to allow the Coronation of Charles III and Camilla. Lets say, for the sake of the argument, Donald Trump is still president, running the shitshow with Earth Alliance and Off-worlders. 'King' Charles is NOT on the side of God with WEF and all his agendas etc. He is evil to the core and properly, not the original version any more. Don't worry nobody wants clone Charles to be king. It's all for show in order to publicly expose and arrest him for his crimes against children and calling the hit on Diana... |

Dear Rest Of The World... (

ICC arrest warrant for Putin over alleged Ukraine war crimes - Los Angeles Times (

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