May 23, 2023

↩️🚚↪️ (BREAKING U-TURNING U-HAUL) Let me get this straight for shits and giggles: A trucker seeking choke and puke makes a U-turn coming on H Street driven by U-Haul lesbians U-haulers crashes into barrier near White House? As you know, there's nobody inside White House and most of the govt owned surrounded buildings. Fake Joe-the-Moe is shooting from a underground White House-lookalike Castlerock Studios. And Buckingham Palace has been emptied like the White House in DC. There is no King Charles, only an demonic entity taken form, but the heir is James. Captain James Hook is Lord James Beauclerk, the illegitimate son of King Charles II of England and his mistress Nell Gwyn ~ May 23, 2023 ~ |

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