Apr 14, 2023

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (“Semper Supra” - “always above”) EP 243 - A New Foundation Of Truth: 2023 Journey To Truth Conference Roundtable ~ Apr 14, 2023 (SoTW; thank you, thank you, thank you, Brooks and Brad Olsen abt clearing that up. Even Janine Morigeau Tarot Reader has stated MANY times and lately in "APRIL 12th 2023-WORLD NEWS!" that she believe and card says that we have a DOME over us, and hidden land (after the icewall) "flat-Earth theory” - O-M-G! There's a loooot of conflicting full disclosure narratives inside the truthers and Ufology SSP community right now - so it seems! One is "Annunaki Fallen Angels" another one is "flat-Earth theory". $344 petrodollars for 4 days of "JOURNEY TO TRUTH 2023 CONFERENCE Grafton, Illinois May 22 - 25" -- Sad, that it's forbidden for Europeans 'pure-blooded' who didn't get the CV19-KillSh0Ts to enter U.S. Bluff and attend any conference or do anything in 'the land of the free' with high fees conference, in order to learn abt the truth. Besides that, these kind of UFO-conferences are great, but Expensive. I have done the Sedona UFO and Vortex Tours, like Brad Olsen also. Most extensive is David Wilcock's Conscious Life Expo and other $555, $777, $999 session. Then joining Dr Greers "club" (6 nights under the stars with Greer and CE5 Contact). And WHY do we have to pay for Dr. Charles Ward Insiders Club, when he has BILLIONS stored away in cash and gold? Charlie has said in his latest Insider Club; "A few Jews have killed more Jews, that Hitler did" - And I agree, if you know the "real history". Some say, Greer is part of The Clinton White House and I do agree with Corey/James both agree that Ufo conference events / convention / congress + GAIA TV and alike, is a multibillion industry CIA reptilian agenda and I concur on SoTW. Truth is not coming out abt SSP before first contact or full disclosure, in my humble opinion on SoTW) ~ |

'You CAN'T walk away from it and say; we still live in a molted bowl floating through space and we live on tectonic plates, like cornflakes in bowl of milk. Believe it on not, that's what it says in the your geology textbook.' ~ Brooks   


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