Mar 3, 2023

👀📢👂 (One of the best Simon & Mahoney shows ever?) Charlie Ward show Insiders Club ~ March 3, 2023 (SoTW; "Great chat with Simon Parkes on March 1st 2023. World wide Intel shared. Brilliant" ~ Mahoney) ~ |

Editor's Note: Topics excerpts: (There's so so so much info and intel and Q&A in this report I will not cover it all - watch the video or/and click [READ MORE])
Simon says, he will not reveal or have any knowledge, of key dates when RV/GCR will happen - ask Charlie, he says. He also says, public Nuremberg Trials will NEVER happed. Only secret Military tribunals ongoing at 6 key locations, like White House, GITMO, Greenland/Antarctica and Iceland. Simon also says, NOBODY from CC, not even the top team or in public, will know, when he's funded (billions pouring into humanitarian project and CC?) or will be relocated into another country? WHAAAT!

- Cabal's weather manipulated California Winter StormTurkey Earthquake. Ohio toxic train crash + Cabal flying in dead fish for the incident to look worse, than it is. Blackstone to buys to steal peoples DNA. Shpyl'chyna in Ukraine biolabs and viruses (Trump: Because It comes from CHYNA!). 

The U.S. shot down three mysterious objects UFO's, is a just a hoax and joke, says Simon, for the normies to wake up, like Poland has delivered four Leopard tanks to UkraineSimon has a really good intel on what really is going on in the war in Ukraine. Simon says that all the flooding of D.U.M.B.s and the water is taking from reservoirs, that is why media is saying, reservoir without waterMK Ultra a child + Tavistock Institute etc. First man to get jab William Shakespeare dies of unrelated illness. Simon and Mahoney are laughing at the name fake name "Shakespeare" + food shortage + toilet paper shortages around the World because the Cabal reporters are getting desperate to come up with something. Simon talks abt something VERY interesting after U.S. embassy in London back to normal after security alert. U.S. special forces entered the building and sent everybody home. Simon says a number of embassies or all, has been taking over by military operations. US military also physically take over UK Royal Airforce facilities when a UFO is discovered etc. Restored Republic via a GCR by DinarChronicles hasn't changed their RV dates and forecast, since 2015 to confuse the Deep State or Cabal (you can say that again Simon). Last 8 minutes of 105 minutes interview, Simon talks abt Secret Space Programs (SSP) good stuff... |

P.S. Anyways, I went to my holistic ND and the only thing that let me down that involve testing the arm, or another body part, for strength or weakness was when the word "Charlie Ward" came up. Why? Not because he's bad and my H-S refuse anything he says - nooo - only because my irritation of why we need TO PAY for the real intel. Nothing is free anymore! - NDA's or not! I'm a bit tired of all the Military secrecy and White Hats playing cat and mouse with Black Hats. Perhaps Simon will not do interviews anymore on his blog for free, who knows!?!... 

NOTE: I got 3 small videos from Dubai with Charlie Ward, but Google Gestapo will not allow me to share it - sorry!| 


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