Mar 17, 2023

🙋🎖️💖 (Let's take the negative rhetoric down a notch!) UTSAVA: CHINA AIRSPACE INVASION, JFK JR RETURN, DELAYS? ~ Mar 17, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: Of course China has secret SSP DEW technology beyond our understandings! Dr Michael Salla and his sources to his book, Rise of the Red Dragon – Origins & Threat of China’s Secret Space Program, explains how China was handed a top U.S. aerospace scientist, Tsein Hsue-shen, during the McCarthyism period, which turned out to be the primary piece needed for China to begin its clandestine space program that rivals the U.S. for space supremacy.
Utsava's claim-to-fame to have "direct" connection to Earth Alliance or Trump-told-me-in-Spirit? And there's nothing new intels, in this report! With all due respect, the uptick and danger emanating from CHINA and it's rhetoric get's me annoyed, and constant food / water poisons - take it down a notch, Utsava! Btw, SoTW have no idea if its true or not. All I know is that she is good of predicting the future... |

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