Mar 30, 2023

πŸ‘€πŸ“’πŸ‘‚ (April Fool's Day, BRIC and QFS. Norway siding w/ Ukraine - soon in a spot of bother) Charlie Ward Show Insiders Club Mar 29th ~ Mar 30, 2023 (SoTW; I have discussed this with 2 of my DK-friends this morning and a short and to the point summery. 'Spain and America will properly be the the last ones to go LIVE on the Quantum Financial System (QFS)', says Charlie - SoTW; together with Denmark?) ~ |

Editor's Note:
Either Charlie or Juan O. Savin have said that G-NESARA will be announced on April Fool's Day - Saturday, April 1, 2023, as many, many truthers have claimed. What SoTW understands and Charlies says in this video is, that he believes, that lots of things is gonna happen next week or ongoing, because 176 Central banks are bankrupts and CBDC are "unplugged" - Charlie told us in a earlier, update! Charlie has no clue abt XRP or XLM, but bought them anyways years ago. Charlie also says in the video below, that the QFS are operational with the BRIC-nations and those that are currently linked into it! (Mexico has just joined BRICs) Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, seek entry, so does Germany, Turkey and United Kindem has been accepted, says Charlie. Canada and not Justin Trudeau, are in the process. 76% of World has committed to QFS... Remember what Simon Parkes told us March 1st with Mahoney; he will not reveal or have any knowledge, of key dates when RV/GCR will happen - ask Charlie, he says. And in this video below, Charlie says, he has no clue either - NOBODY knows when things will happen, but he will be the FIRST to know and is gonna share it. What SoTW thinks is, that CCP actor Joe-the-Mode Biden has to leave office and 'special operations' in the Russo-Ukrainian War, has to end, before ANYHING remotely abt the G-NESARA and or RV/GCR is gonna take place - in my humble opinion... | 


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