Feb 28, 2023

🔢🔮💖 (The Real Trump, Wahlberg compromised, Warp Speed Ops, NPC's, Flat Earth etc.) JANINE MORIGEAU & TomNUMBERS: Ohio, Mark Wahlberg, Bono & OPPENHEIMER the new CHRISTOPHER NOLAN film ~ Feb 28, 2023 ~ |

Editor's Note: Christopher Nolan and Donald Trump hybrids planted into their families. I.e. Nolan's physical birth child self got taken and replaced with the one, we see now. Like a more advanced version of himself! WHAAAT? Oh Wauv!35,22 minute marker - Christopher Nolan - is he a White Hat director as Tom claims? He did Tenet, Batman etc. The movie "Oppenheimer" is another telltale sign, with lots of goodies or eastereggs, from the White Hats to awake 'normies' showing how many of the PSYOP and hidden truth, there are out there, says Tom and Janine... 

SoTW says, same goes for Matrix 4, Don't Look Up, The 355, Interstellar, Moonfall etc. etc. Btw, I looove sci-fi and fantasy movies, especially the ones, that gives a hint, to what we are able to do, that are 1000 years Star Trek & Star Wars ahead in time, and Christopher Nolan film 'Interstellar', was mind-blowing, and Master Jesus and our divine kingdom, are said to have a finger in the pie during filming. 

P.S. I do not believe in Flat-Earth theory, however think there's Inner Earth and cities like Agartha - 5th Dimensional civilization. Operation Paperclip, with Admiral Byrd that found an entrance in Antarctica to the inner earth is proof... |   

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