Feb 2, 2023

πŸŽ€πŸ¦ πŸ’‰(Let it go sing-along with Jimmy Fallon to keep COVID agenda alive?) XBB.1.5: The Saddest Moment in TV History ~ Feb 2, 2023 (SoTW; Congrats to VC's new YouTube and Odysee Channels! As the description goes; 'Jimmy Fallon sang a song to promote a COVID variant. It was really sad.'.. As Pres. Trump recently said; 'These People Are Sick, They're Sick': after Trump blasts 'Witch Hunts' that have dogged him for years. It's actually something 'Q' said years ago 'These People Are Sick') ~ |

xbb.1.5 - Google Search
Introducing the Vigilant Citizen YouTube and Odysee Channels! | The Vigilant Citizen
(41) 'These People Are Sick, They're Sick': Trump Blasts 'Witch Hunts' That Have Dogged Him For Years - YouTube

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