Feb 14, 2023

πŸ€‘πŸ”‘⛓️🦡 (HOLY SH*T - DETACHMENT IS KEY) πŸ”œ We have, Swedish King Carl XVI Gustav heart surgery on Feb 20th of 2023 - "After the operation, a period of silence is recommended," writes Royal House. Danish Queen Magrethe II to undergo extensive back surgery Feb 22th of 2023 - coincidence? - ABSOLUTELY NOT πŸ”› ~ Feb 14, 2023 ~ |

Do you know the difference between real and fake? Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it! Whatever you're focusing on grows!...

πŸ”›  We have, Rihanna Queen illuminati, more satanical signs not been fully understood or shown on TV 
πŸ”› We have, NSA whistleblower Snowden calls UFO craze a distraction while reporters get assigned to investigate balloon bulls**t rather than budgets or bombings” such as the Nord Stream 
πŸ”› We have, Stew Peters Show and crazy TikTokers who SCREAM DISASTER when hazardous chemicals derailed in Ohio and other places - at least 5 train derailments - 3 inside U.S. 2 outside, but Tarot By Janine says no no no - its a White Hat PSYOP. What is it all about? 
πŸ”› We have, Star Wars, Luke Skywalker legend says he ‘follows orders’ from Zelensky: I’m Zelenskyy’s ‘good soldier’ and Danish RSKmd in D.C. meeting Antony Blinken, saying we're close to a "tipping point", prompting war against Russia and China! Re-he-he-heally? Look at their Mason-hand symbolism 
πŸ”› We have, 3 killed, 5 wounded at Michigan State campus shooting; suspect dead (dead-men-can't-talk), in mass shooting, which is properly a False Flag event 
πŸ”› We have, The Iconic DeVito-isms of Danny Devito and 'Little Demon' a Disney Show - abt a mother and her Antichrist daughter are constantly thwarted by monstrous forces, including Satan πŸ”š



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